What does a day at InterACT look like?

A big change this summer will be a more definitive separation of the Lower and Upper Camp throughout the day, including lunch and snack times.  The entire camp comes together for special performances, spontaneous events and of course, Ungertime – the close of each day.

Campers may arrive as early as 8:00 a.m. to have breakfast, continue work on a project, memorize, rehearse or simply socialize.  Younger campers (Act One) gather in The Red Box Theatre with their counselors while those 5th grade and up (Acts Two, Three and Encore) have more options.

We like everyone on campus by 8:45 to begin the physical and vocal warm-ups for the day.  This has evolved over the years to become a truly remarkable ‘theatrical experience’ while making sure all campers are awake and breathing, ready to make their entrance for another one-of-a-kind day.

Between 9:00 and Noon there will usually be three different classes.  Older students focus on their production project for the week with acting classes, writing or improvisation, and rehearsal.  They also divide and conquer the technical elements of sound, lighting, scenery and props.

Younger campers learn the basics of theatre through puppetry and creative dramatics making their own puppets, creating the characters, developing plays based on stories or original ideas as well as exploring stage craft, musical theatre and video production.

Each week the potential rises with all camper groups to create a performance piece for The Friday Video Showcase made available to campers, parents, family and friends online.

Lunch for our younger campers is followed by their choice of quiet activities or something requiring more energy! A lunchtime dance party or two usually highlights each week. Children can choose their activity with their counselor’s help and supervision.

Acts Two and up enjoy lots of activities and socializing at lunch.  Music, foosball, and other games, some outdoor sport (if they choose) make this their own time to unwind and socialize.

InterACT Specials follows lunch.  Think of this as Elective Classes announced each day on the spot.  Students scramble to get started on the inspired and imaginative classes created by their Instructors and Counselors.

The afternoon is spent in additional rehearsal, creation of puppets, props and scenery, private coaching and small group classes.  An afternoon snack break leads into Ungertime, that magical time when the entire camp comes together to see surprise staff performances, camper creations from that day, Wednesday’s Talent Show, or the wrap-up of special days such as Bad Hair Day Awards, Disney Day Prizes,  or Citations for Stripes and Plaid Day.  Who knows?

Every Monday the week’s special days are announced – but you never know when there is going to be a Spontaneous Event.  Every week at InterACT is different because the camp is based on who the talents and personalities of the campers.  Every week is the same because campers know they are coming to a place where they can feel free to take risks in exploring their talent and creativity in a safe and nurturing environment.