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Interact Studio, Inc.
Registration and Behavior Policies 2016

REGISTRATION FEE: All first-time InterACT Studio, Inc. (InterACT) students must pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $35. This registration fee covers school-year classes and summer camp.
TUITION: $235 per week for Summer Camp.  Summer Camp Tuition and Studio Class Tuition fees and schedules are posted on our website at www.DramaCamp.com.
REGISTRATION: Registration is complete upon acknowledgement that you have read and understand the Interact Registration and Behavior Policies and payment of all fees. Registration is on a space-available basis.
PAYMENTS: Payment may be made by Check or Money Order made payable to InterACT. Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express are accepted by phone, mail, online and in-person.
REFUNDS: Refunds are given when a course is cancelled by InterACT. Refunds are considered when a cancellation is made in writing two weeks prior to the first day of the camp week or course. An administrative fee of up to $15 per item may be applied against credit card and other processing costs.
CANCELLATION: Camp weeks require a minimum number of students. Although it is unlikely, a week may be cancelled by InterACT because of insufficient enrollment.
CONFIRMATION: Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail.
CAMPUS: The Campus of InterAct Studio and InterAct Summer Theatre Camp is understood to be confined to the published address of the studio or camp site and the immediate environs.
STUDENT BEHAVIOR: Students are expected to respect instructors, staff, guests and other students. Students are also expected to respect the property and equipment of the facilities. Students are expected to stay in assigned groups and assigned areas and to make their best effort to remain actively engaged in camp activities. Disruptive or disobedient behavior is not permitted.
Behavior Agreement: By registering for InterACT classes, programs or productions you acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules and responsibilities expected of all students. In the event that a student does not follow the rules, guidelines and directives as presented to them from time to time, the student may be dismissed temporarily or permanently without refund from this and subsequent sessions
Name, Video and Picture Release: By registering for InterACT classes, programs or productions you acknowledge that you do hereby give permission to InterACT Studio, Inc. (InterACT) to use any and/or all photographs and videos of me and/or my children created during the usual activities of summer theatre camp and classes for future agency publications and presentations. Your student may be photographed/videoed and name released by Interact and its assignees for possible use in Interact promotional and/or advertising materials. The intent would be to use such material for brochures, web sites, social media and media releases related to camp activities. Any such images and material used will be used strictly for promotional purposes for InterACT and will not be released for any other product advertising or sales.
Medical Release: In the event that you cannot be contacted, you give permission for your registered student(s) to receive any emergency medical treatment and/or assistance deemed necessary. You further understand that participation in physical activity carries a degree of risk. Students are responsible for following instructions and safety precautions given by the instructor/staff. You are aware that InterACT does not carry individual student insurance to cover accidents that may occur. You are hereby advised to carry your own insurance. You further understand that you must inform staff in writing at the time of registration of any existing behavioral or medical issues and your physician’s name and contact information.
Parent/Guardian Minors will not be permitted to participate in class activities unless registration is completed by a parent/guardian. Such registration acknowledges understanding of and compliance with Student Behavior Agreement, Name, Video and Picture Release and Medical Release Form. Actual signatures are only required for in-person registrations.

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