Registration Information

PRIVATE COACHING is available upon request from all InterAct instructors through the InterAct office. Hourly rates vary depending on the nature of the private coaching. Rates may be prorated for the half- or three-quarter hour sessions.

Private Coaching for Audition Prep

Mr. Barfield ……………………. $65 per hour
Mr. Olson ………………………. $65 per hour
Mr. Valentine …………………. $75 per hour

STAFFING InterAct Studio, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in staff as may be deemed necessary from time to time. Classes are usually staffed with a student counselor in addition to the Instructor. The Counselor assists with clerical work, warm-ups, exercises and supervision as needed. Class time is limited so parents are asked to communicate by phone or e-mail with any questions or concerns.

TUIITION & FEES All classes require a commitment for the term of the course. Course fees are due and payable at the time of registration and prior to the first class. In addition, all students new to InterAct are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $35 which applies to future camps and classes for the student. Complete Registration information is detailed in our Registration and Behavior Policies Form online at

COURSE SCHEDULE The first class begins on Saturday, September 6, 2013. Classes never meet on days when school is not in session (based on the student attendance calendar for the Palm Beach County School District.) Classes do meet on LTM/PDD days (half-days.)
Be sure to refer to our list of dates for each course you take as there may be some variables. A complete list of dates for each class will be posted on the InterAct Web Site and will be available at the Studio.

CALENDAR Visit and click on CALENDAR, then click on 2014-2015 Student Attendance Calendar. You may also simply click on the link that follows:

MISSED CLASSES If you miss a class or know you are going to miss a class, you may be able to attend another class with a similar age group in the same week by prior arrangement. Just text or call 561-222-4228 in advance.

CONTACT US On the day of a class, it is best to text us at 561-222-4228. A phone call is the second choice if time is an issue. During the school year, e-mail is checked at the end of the class day:

SCHEDULE If you would like to request a particular course, day or time that you don’t see listed, please let us know by phone or by e-mail so that we may better serve you.

• AUDITIONS Several acting classes are offered to help students prepare for upcoming auditions.

• CLASS TIME A one-hour class meets for 50 minutes to allow prep and follow-up time between classes. Likewise, some intensive 90-minute classes meet for 80 minutes.

• MAKE-UP DAYS If you must miss a class, you may be able to make it up and attend a similar class by prior arrangement.

• PRIVATE COACHING for Theatre and Communications auditions as well as Film/TV/Commercial auditions is available by appointment.